Parking and Tailgating Guidelines

Parking Guidelines
Important -- Please Read! Effective 1/1/12: The church across the street has canceled our parking arrangement and informed us that they will begin TOWING vehicles. Any vehicles parking on the church property do so at their own risk.

This situation has arisen due to the inconsiderate behavior and use of profanity by a few parents. It is unfortunate that a few selfish individuals have worsened the parking situation for everyone.

The overflow field is north of the complex on our side of Perry Rd. It is adjacent to the cell tower. There is also street parking available in the subdivision across the street from the complex.

The following rules are to help us keep the parking lot safe, to keep YOU from getting a ticket, and above all, to allow emergency vehicles to enter the premises.

  • Please cooperate with directions given by the deputy sheriff and the staff.
  • Do not park along areas marked with the red Fire Lane striping, or in front of the fire hydrant. You will be ticketed!
  • No Parking in any hashed out areas.
  • No Parking along the gravel driveways. If you are parked on gravel, you are illegally parked. This includes the gravel road leading to the east building, which is reserved for staff parking.
  • No Parking on the drainage ditch that goes over the drainage channel. You will be towed per the Harris County Flood Control regulations.
  • The overflow parking lot is north of the complex on our side of Perry Rd. Do NOT park at the church and school.
  • Field parking is allowed, but DO NOT block off the gravel roads. Please mind the rows, and do not block anyone in.
  • There is parallel parking on the main driveway against the hedge, but you must be within the Red Fire Lane stripe.
  • Motor homes must park in the overflow parking lot North of the Facility.
  • Tailgating Guidelines

    Please adhere to the rules. If we continue to have problems we will be forced to prohibit tailgating altogether. Remember, tailgating is a privilege, not a right. Keep your area clean, safe and out of the way of cars and pedestrian areas.

  • EFFECTIVE 1/5/14: NO Tents allowed on WSC Property
  • No outside food is allowed in the facility.
  • No tables are allowed under WSC awnings or along the sidewalks near the entrances.
  • Leave your area clean. If you do not clean up your area, your club will be contacted and fined.
  • Thanks for your cooperation!